Vision Boards

A Vision Board is an empowering collection of images, inspirational quotes, words, etc. chosen by you, to help you achieve goals in your life. It is a fun way to give focused direction to your everyday life and to reach your highest potential.

The Vision Board comes from your genuine authentic self. The workshop will help you to relaxcalm your mind and really think about what it is you want in your life. The board itself does not impact reality. What really changes your life and steers you towards your goals, is the process of creating the images and bringing your conscious awareness and focus to them.

Are you looking for direction in your life? Do you have a dream or a goal that you would like to work towards? A vision board helps you to focus on goals and dreams you may not have realised you had, and focus on achieving these goals. With a visual representation of what you want out of life, it reinforces the goal in your mind each day. Participants will have a completed Vision Board at the end of the workshop.

The 4 hour course will consist of:

Time to relax and think about various aspects of your life and what you would like to achieve in each one, e.g. Health, Career, Relationship, Travel, etc. 
  Some time will be spent using Tapping to release past limitations such as fear, anger, guilt and other negative energies which may stop you from moving on with your goals and reaching your full potential. 
   As you improve your energy flow with tapping, your body will relax, your mind will become clearer and your thoughts will become more positive. 
With this clarity you will be in a good place to proceed with your Vision Board.

As a result of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Learn how to tap into yourself to calm your mind and prepare it for self-discovery
  • Become more aware of some of the goals you want to achieve in various aspects of your life
  • Get more clarity in the way you see your life path going

What my clients say

"The workshop itself was like a healing session for me. Roisin has created a welcoming powerful atmosphere at the start and throughout the day. I am delighted with my final piece of art from the bottom of my heart. I will certainly recommend Roisin to my friends and people I know. Thank you for a precious experience, you have a heart of Gold."


"I though the meditation at the start was exactly what was needed to get in the space to create your board.  Love he relaxation and Roisin’s calming presence and voice.  I needed to do this at this particular time in my life’s journey and so happy with the outcome. Thank you Roisin"


"I really enjoyed doing the Vision Board workshop with Roisin.  I didn’t really know what to expect but I’ve found my vision board really relates to how I want the next year of my life to pan out. I found Roisin to be perfect at instructing the class.  She was really helpful with ideas and encouraging us to really let go and just let the process happen."


"I really enjoyed going through the magazines looking for pictures or words that I felt were representative of my life now and in the future.  Then putting it all together.  I found it quite therapeutic to then speak to the group about what the different images meant for me and it really rang true to my heart. It is like a map of my heart right now. A lovely experience and I know it will give me a focus."


"I really enjoyed the time to reflect in a relaxed environment and to create the vision board in a positive and fulfilling way.  I would recommend the vision board workshop to anyone."


"It was a lovely workshop in a beautiful room.  The Vision Board Workshop has helped me to focus more on my dreams and visions. Thank you Roisin xx"


"Thank you Roisin, for a fantastic 4 hours creating a Vision Board. I had fun and a quiet thinking time while opening my heart to see what I wanted to achieve for myself and not for business.  I will certainly recommend this to others."


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