Special Birthday Offer

1 Day Only   Friday 10th August 9am – 9pm

As I have reached my 60th birthday, very heathy and very happy I would like to celebrate with you by sharing a massive reduction in the price of the Beautiful Sound Essence Vibrational remedies.

These Sound essences are made for Meridians, Chakras, and Auras.  There is also a beautiful set of Archangel Sprays. They come in single 15ml bottles, single 60 ml bottles, a set of 7 15ml bottles in a beautiful wooden container and a set of 7 60 ml bottles in a cardboard box. You can take your pick……

Each essence holds the healing vibrations of sound, colour, crystals, gems, positive word affirmations, sacred geometry, symbols, aroma and homeopathy

These beautiful essences work on our vibrational energy, not only raising the energy, but also clearing blockages and balancing and realigning our body physically and mentally.

I find the essences are excellent in therapy work.  As a Reflexologist, kinesiologist, Reiki master and sound healer I use the essences during most sessions as a support. Therapists from all walks of life have added the essences to their tool box, both to use during a session but also to give to their clients to help them at home after their treatment.

The essences are made in the crystal bowls so they have the added vibration of the frequency from the bowls. I use the essences quite a bit when I am doing Emotional stress release with my clients and it really assists them in the process of offloading the stress and bringing harmony back to their body.

How do I chose the essences?  I use them prior and post treatments on myself and for clearing the room for my clients.  I usually muscle test the client to let their body indicate which essence they need and which one is a priority for them at that particular time. Sometimes I chose for them and on many occasions I would let the client intuitively pick the one to which they are most drawn.

So I am delighted to share this incredible offer with you for these beautiful sound essences.

To find out more about my offer please follow the link https://roisingraham.com/shop/

Pick your essences and continue on to the checkout page.  Under Coupon code type the code

rbdso in lower case and this will deduct the 50% for you.

This code will go into operation at 9am until 9pm on Friday 10th August.


Happy Shopping