Sound Therapy For Autism

by | Autism, Sound Bath Meditation

This week I had the great honour of giving a sound therapy session for a group of nine young adults in a unit specialising in autism care.

The Autism care unit has a beautiful sensory garden. One which has been specially designed and built for the group. It has a really nice ambience, with low lighting, really comfortable seating, pillows, loungers, settees, and cushions and it feels comfortable, homely and very welcoming.

As I set up my instruments, crystal and Tibetan bowls, a drum, a gong, koshi chimes and a rain stick, the group gathered noisily together and began to take their seats. I had spread some yoga mats and blankets on the floor in case anyone felt like lying down. Two or three people chose to lie down and the rest remained seated – some on the floor and some on couches.

There were at least six autism carers with the group. It was quite noisy at the start until everyone settled down and I began to play the crystal bowls. A certain amount of quietness began to creep into the room as I worked through the instruments, playing them away from the group and then gradually bringing them closer to each person.

As the sounds began to permeate, a certain calmness fell over the group. A couple of lads closed their eyes and began to enjoy the effect that the beautiful sounds had on them. The sounds work at a very deep level and help to entrain the mind out of thinking. They give that constant working brain a rest for a while.

At the end of the session it is usual to leave five or six minutes of silence. Sometimes it is in the silence that the real healing takes place. I was amazed that there was total silence for at least five minutes. You couldn’t hear a pin drop. It was so lovely and peaceful. I was delighted to be able to bring this feeling of peace and stillness to the group. The initial feedback I have received from the carers of this group is very positive. They were surprised that some of the young adults could stay seated and quiet for such a long period of time and they had not seen them doing that prior to today.

Sound therapy has a very therapeutic effect on the mind and body. It can help with focus and concentration, sleep, relaxation and listening skills.

Next week I will be giving this group another sound therapy session and I am excited to hear the result of the feedback that I receive from parents and the carers. I will keep you posted…

If you would like a one to one sound healing session or to attend a Sound Bath or know someone who you feel would benefit from a session please don’t hesitate to contact me through the website here.

It was a pleasure to to have this session for the Autism care unit and I am really looking forward to more sessions and making even a little difference in these amazing young people’s day. If you would like to find out more about Sound Therapy for Autism or about my sessions you can call me on+353 86 179 7934 or contact meĀ here.