Yin/Yang Central/Governing


Yin/Yang Couple: Meridian Vitalizer Mist

Success / Truth


Mist the Yin/Yang Meridian Couple SE and state:

  • I have all that I need.
  • I am connected and trust my source. I live in choice.
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The characteristics of a balanced Yin/Yang Meridian Couple is being able to go with ebb and flow; knowing one may never fully experience joy if one never fully experiences sorrow.


There is a sense of support and trust that all is in perfect order, even if it actually feels chaotic, like ocean waves, constantly changing. Being in balance within the energies of this meridian couple is to enjoy all of life’s ups and downs.


A balanced Centralized and Governing Meridian is essential for the capability of making decisions without doubt or self-discrimination. You’ll easily monitor and synchronize your movements and emotions with the rhythm and flow of life. You’ll enjoy the innate sense of belonging, knowing you’re in sync and you have all that you need to manifest abundance.


The Yin /Yang Meridian Sound Essence physically supports the spinal column, the brain, central nervous system, autonomic nervous system, skeletal system and the hormonal system.

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