Wood Liver/Gall Bladder


Wood Element Couple: Meridian Vitalizer Mist

 Anger / Rage


Mist the Wood Meridian Couple Sound Essence and state:

  • The choices I make support growth and beneficial change to me and the universe.
  • I am gracious through transformation. I have what I need when I need it.
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The characteristics of a balanced Wood Meridian Couple is being able to plan, make decisions and take action, knowing there is never a moment to waste. There is a sense of challenge, adventure, pushing everything to the limit; simply loving life. Being in balance within the energies of this meridian couple is to have patience and grace for yourself and others.


A balanced Liver and Gall Bladder Meridian is essential for having a clear sense of vision; a deeper understanding for the purpose of your soul. You’ll find that you’ll gain deeper inspiration and desire for life. You’ll enjoy attaining and maintaining great health which allows you more success in reaching your life goals.


The Wood Meridian Sound Essence physically supports the liver, gall bladder, muscles and tendons.

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