Water Kidney/Bladder


Water Element Couple: Meridian Vitalizer Mist

Fear / Anxiety


Mist the Water Meridian Couple Sound Essence and state:

  • I love to be alive and in charge of my own destiny.
  • I am an open channel for enlightenment. I trust my inner guidance.
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The characteristics of a balanced Water Meridian Couple is someone that can go with the flow, is flexible, easy going yet resourceful enough to get things done and rise to the occasion. There is a clear sense of strength, will power, and overall powerful life force energy. Being balanced within the energies of this meridian couple allows one a sense of peace, inner direction and the confidence of knowing that you know!


A balanced Kidney and Bladder Meridian is essential for letting go of the fear that is stopping you from participating fully in your creative expression and all of life’s adventures. You’ll find that you’ll feel like you are in charge and part of the world, not just floating around without purpose. With inner direction you lose your knee-jerk response to every day life and instead contemplate your choices to bringing peace into your world.


The Water Meridian Sound Essence physically supports the kidneys, bladder, urinary system, hormonal function, reproduction, growth and development and pH balance.

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