Vibrational Immunity for Global Community – 60ml


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Vibrational Immunity for Global Community – 60ml

I am blessed and protected by the Divine

This is a beautiful addition and a higher vibration than any of Evelyn Mulder’s Sound Essences to date.

Evelyn has created this essence to help us get through our current global health crisis.

The first ingredient is Selenite. Selenite offers emotional balance, not letting things that are out of your control to become upsetting. It also brings mental clarity, and helps in grounding one to stay focused on what’s important in the moment. It aligns us with our higher consciousness connecting us to our ancient wisdom and knowledge. So in this time of global chaos, Selenite keeps us in the knowing that all is well even with the unseen and unknown developments of our cosmic world.

The second ingredient is the Sai Sanjeevini prayer card broadcast. This broadcast is created using 18 relevant Sanjeevini prayers offering protection.

Three symbols of self-love, life force energy and longevity were included along with the five platonic shapes, symbolizing the entire structure of the universe, as well as rose quartz for crystal transmission of healing vibrational love and a wee bit of frankincense herb for spiritual awakening, guiding us all on our soul’s journey.

Evelyn has blended all these ingredients with the 12 notes, 12 colours and 17 gemstones used in her most popular Aura Joy blend.



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