Stargate Aura Mist
Remembering your Magnificence

Mist the Stargate Aura Sound Essence and state:
I am Love!….I am Light!
I remember who I am.
The energy of love fills my life.

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Stargate is created in honor of the number six, the optimally functional hexagon, which represents harmony, balance, synthesis and unconditional love. The hexagon is the symbol for the heart chakra, the meeting of the three higher (spiritual) chakras with the three lower (physical) chakras in the heart center (emotional) substantiating our three dimensional existence. These interlacing triangles of the hexagon symbolize the opposing forces in nature: the centrifugal and centripetal and when combined these opposing forces create the Tube Torus believed to be responsible for the creation of the universe. Hidden in the hexagonal star is the symbol of the Merkaba and Metatron’s Cube which ultimately represents magic, alchemy and containment and is used as a vehicle for inter-dimensional travel. The Merkaba is in the center of every cell, it is the center of our heart and is our light body shell. It is said to be the fabric of the universe and contains the Akashic Records from which all life springs.

Stargate is designed to remind the cells of their original healthy blueprint and to free themselves of any mutant programming which was once responsible for sickness and disease. This mister is infused with the note Note G# for awakening your spiritual consciousness and supporting you on your life’s journey. It offers you the trust to take a chance to go after your heart’s desire. It will take you away!!

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