Sovereign Fire (Heart/Small Intestine)


Sovereign Fire Element : Meridian Vitalizer Mist

 Love / Hate


Mist the Sovereign Fire Meridian Couple SE and state:

  • I am filled with joy and gratitude as I am learning from my experience.
  • I have the passion to go after my dreams. I attract only what is beneficial to me and the universe.
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The characteristics of a balanced Sovereign Fire Meridian Couple is being able to discern beneficial incoming information, ideas and emotions then being able to assimilate these new ideas and concepts appropriately into your life. One relishes in excitement, sensation, drama and change. Being in balance within the energies of this meridian couple is to believe in the power of charisma and desire.


A balanced Heart and Small Intestine Meridian is essential for you reaching out and being in relationship with others. You’ll find you’re full of love and passion, having a great deal of enthusiasm for whatever you are doing. You enjoy boundless capacity for interacting with others, always knowing exactly what to say and when to say it.


The Sovereign Fire Meridian Sound Essence physically supports the heart, small intestine and blood circulation.

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