Sacral Chakra Note D


Sacral Chakra Mist – Note D – location – in hip region
Happiness / Confidence / Resourcefulness

Mist the Sacral Chakra Sound Essence and state:
I enjoy the simple pleasures in life!!
I open myself to others naturally.
My creative and sexual energies have the power to create and transform.

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The characteristics of a strong Sacral Chakra are the connected-ness to self, other humans, animals, nature and the spiritual world. It connects you to your pure creative energies that truly nourish your being; it houses your creative juices. There is a sense of awe with every sight, sound and experience as if life were new and original. The essence of the Sacral Chakra allows the soul to embrace the body.

Someone with a balanced Sacral Chakra is extremely comfortable in the physical body, is comfortable with sexuality and with the expression of sensual emotions. This person would exude sensuality, peacefulness, and joy. They would be nurturing, focused, capable, spiritually aware and emotionally responsive with a healthy appetite for life.

Note D physically supports the pelvic area, reproductive organs, kidneys, and bladder. It supports all liquid functions in the body such as blood, lymph, gastric juices, synovial fluid and sperm.

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