Sacral Chakra Note C#


Sacral Chakra Mist semitone C# – location – transitional point between the sacrum and lumbar spine
Happiness / Confidence / Resourcefulness

Mist the Sacral Chakra Semitone Sound Essence and state:
It’s time to show off the best in me!!
I open myself up to beauty, joy and harmony.
It’s time for me to bring out my best for the world to witness.

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The vibration of C# bridges the characteristics and attributes of the Root Chakra related to foundation and family and the Sacral Chakra related to movement and relationships with one another. This semitone moves us out of the family tribe and into a dance with a partner in life. It helps to initiate new ideas and a start of new beginnings.

Characteristics of someone with a balanced C# vibration would walk through life embracing their sexuality and sense of self and could express their emotions without reservation.

Note C# physical supports the lower back, ovaries, prostate, uterus, testicles, bladder, and kidney

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