Root Chakra Note C


Sound Essence Chakra Balancer
Root Chakra Mist – Note C – location – base of the spine
Vitality / Courage / Self-Confidence

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Mist the Root Chakra Sound Essence and state:

I can do it!!
I am rooted in life and in myself.
I am safe, stable, and secure throughout this transformation.

The characteristics of a balanced Root Chakra is a strong and determined feeling that life is good. There is a belief that dreams will easily manifest and there is worthiness of abundance and security as well as prosperity in all areas of life. There is a sense of consecutiveness to the physical body which builds the foundation for all higher chakras. The Root Chakra is the source of life-force.

A balanced Root Chakra is essential for grounding and focus. It anchors you in the flow of life and is the foundation for everything you do in your life. A strong Root Chakra gives you a positive approach and outlook on life and helps you to stay connected to the “we are one” attitude that we all need to employ to keep this universe healthy.

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