Positive Vibes


Positive Vibes in a bottle

At Sound Essences Ireland, Positive Vibes is considered a chakra enhancing remedy. It's the “all in one” product linking you to your power of manifesting. Just a few quick sprays to create delicious positive vibes anytime you want. Super boost all seven of your chakras to improve all seven aspects of your life!

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Positive Vibes in a bottle – nourishing all seven of your senses

1. Smell – Aromatherapy – orange, rose geranium, lavender, lemon, rosemary and marjoram
2. Taste – Flower Essences – polyanthus, silver birch
3. Sight – Sacred Geometry – 5 platonic shapes
4. Touch – Crystals and Gems Touch – 17 crystals and gems
5. Hearing – Crystal Bowls- 12 notes of the chromatic scale
6. ColoUr – ColoUr Vibration – 12 colors of the rainbow
7. Thought – that’s left up to you…. whatever you can imagine

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