Ministerial Fire Circulation Sex/ Triple Warmer


Ministerial Fire Element : Meridian Vitalizer Mist

Love / Hate


Mist the Ministerial Fire Meridian Couple SE and state:

  • I am in the rhythm of life, getting better everyday.
  • I trust my own instincts. I am buoyant.
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The characteristics of a balanced Ministerial Fire Meridian Couple is being able to step into new situations, circumstances and new fields of endeavour with undeniable confidence. One coordinates and adjusts to accommodate the constant day to day changes. Being in balance within the energies of this meridian couple is to juggle reality while realizing joy and fulfilment.


A balanced Circulation/ Sex and Triple Warmer Meridian is essential for you to stay balanced physically, emotionally and spiritually. You’ll find that you’re full of love and passion, having a great deal of enthusiasm for whatever you are doing. You enjoy the perfect balance of social interaction and personal reflection, staying focused on what is important in your life and what isn’t.


The Ministerial Fire Meridian Sound Essence physically supports hormonal function, respiration, circulation, digestion and absorption, elimination and reproduction.

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