Love in a Mist


Love Aura Mist
Enlightening the Heart

Mist the Love Aura Sound Essence and state:
I am free!!
My mind is filled with light.
My heart is filled with love.
I am a spark of the infinite.

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Love in a Mist was completed on Valentine’s Day 2013 in celebration of love, including self- love. By embracing your feminine (creative and inspiration) energy with your masculine (direction and purpose) energy, you are one with yourself. The male and female energies belong together, they dance together, they are two aspects of oneself and together they manifest the joys of love.

Love in a mist Sound Essence Natural Aura Harmonizer simultaneously balances all the meridians and the chakras as it is centred with the Note F of the heart chakra. This tone generates the awareness that the most powerful energy you have is Love. When you are in your heart, you love who you are and live in the present.

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