Infinity Aura Mist
Integrates all Energy Networks

Mist the Infinity Aura Sound Essence and state:
My potential is limitless!!
My possibilities are endless.
I can see both sides of the equation.

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Infinity weaves our divine nature with our human experience for positive growth. Infinity enhances the figure eight energy systems found in the physical body on a cellular level (DNA) and in the energy body, in the meridians, chakras and auric field. It promotes communication between the energy fields and facilitates the ability to be centred in all dimensions. The chord CEbFA promotes this boundless interface; try playing the notes of this chord, they never finish, going on to Infinity. Not only does this remedy help relieve stress and discomfort in the body but it helps with integrating all the energy systems into communication with one another. When the figure eight energy in your body is running appropriately the meridians and organs have access to the information of the chakras, auric field band and the whole energetic matrix; It’s like the perfect operating system. Experience the joy of “going with the flow”.

The Infinity symbol represents the figure eight pattern, the loops define the area needing the healing, and the intersection point is the gateway for healing energies to interject.

Up and Down – connects heaven to earth in our association with our spirituality and our physical being the intersection point is the human mind.

Side to Side – relates to the positive and negative in association with our interaction with friends and family and the intersection point is our heart center.

Back to Front – represents the past and the future in association with our lifetime and the intersection point is the present, being in the moment.

Diagonal to Diagonal – represents time and space in association with human history and divine potential and the intersection point is the soul.

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