Heart Tones – Forgiveness




I open my heart

I forgive

I accept what is

Forgiveness is a remedy showing you what you are really capable of.

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When we withhold forgiveness, the energy in our heart becomes blocked. The Forgiveness remedy helps us to assimilate life experience and frees us to view reality through the window of the Heart, dissolving self-righteousness.

Initially, learning to nurture and accept ourselves, and to build self-esteem is a pathway to the souls understanding of its own sacredness and divinity. Once self-actualized, we naturally shift our attention to the world around us, learning to accept differences and recognize the good in others.

We come to understand that love has no limits; it is an infinite resource, available to everyone, all the time. This understanding promotes unconditional love and helps us stay centred in our hearts.

Forgiveness offers the sacred gift of unity.

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