Heart Chakra Note F#


Heart Chakra Mist semitone F# – location – transitional point between the thoracic and the cervical spine
Balance / Love / Self-Control

Mist the Heart Chakra Semitone Sound Essence and state:
I am in the zone!!
Love is expressed in all that I say.
I am generous with my emotions, thoughts and actions

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F# supports the Heart Chakra. This vibration bridges the characteristics and attributes of the Heart Chakra “note F”, which is related to compassion and unconditional love and the Throat Chakra “note G” which is related to the freedom of expression. This semitone takes information from the heart and moves it into the throat for optimal expression.

This vibration supports you in finding your calling in life and establishing yourself in the world to go after what you want and to have a positive attitude about your accomplishments. With the support of this vibration you are supported by others and are supported by the universe. Things happen as they should without the push and without the individual power to accomplish what you think you need to do. Simply said, you are in the zone. Your will is aligned with that of the universe.

Someone with a balanced Heart Chakra F# would be in their perfect place of community with their work as seen as an integral part of the whole. Things happen effortlessly for them as they are living in the moment.

Note F# physically supports the upper back, upper lungs, throat, neck.

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