Earth Spleen/Stomach


Earth Element Couple: Meridian Vitalizer Mist

Sympathy / Empathy


Mist the Earth Meridian Couple Sound Essence and state:

  • I am content and blessed and have confidence in all that I do
  • I have faith in the future. I wisely discern to make choices for the highest good of all.


Earth Spleen, the characteristics of a strong Earth Meridian Couple is being able to digest and accept fate as it is experienced and thus expanding one’s circle of knowledge. There is a clear sense of boundaries, together with a sympathetic nature showing great kindness to self, others, animals and nature. Being in

balance within the energies of this meridian couple allows us to change direction without losing balance.


A balanced Spleen and Stomach Meridian is essential for the capacity to discern and decide how to best handle any thought or situation. You’ll find that you’ll feel strong in body and mind. You’ll surprise yourself in how well you can think, concentrate, focus and memorize. This element is also responsible for those “gut hunches” serving as a frontline detector for any in-coming stress from food, thought or emotion.


Earth spleen, the Earth Meridian Sound Essence physically supports the digestive, lymphatic & immune systems. Lack of energy, weak muscles and weight issues.

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