Crown Chakra Note B


Crown Chakra Mist – Note B – location – top of the head
Beauty / Creativity / Inspiration

Mist the Crown Chakra Sound Essence and state:
I am one with creation!!
I know why I am here.
I am consciously living my divine purpose.

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Characteristics of a balanced Crown Chakra, is being connected wholly with the universe, self and God. Life is flowing freely and there is a deep sense of peace.

Through the Crown Chakra, you get your divine inspiration and your divine creativity. This is the chakra where everything comes together and you get the big picture. This is where all the information from all the charkas merges. When this chakra is balanced, there is a sense of peace, serenity, knowing and a connection with the universe.

Someone with a strong Crown Chakra is dedicated to their life path. These people have a soul connection with God and are able to access knowledge from this higher intelligence.

Note B physically supports the brain and the central nervous system.

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