Brow Chakra Note A


Brow Chakra Mist – Note A – location is at the forehead
Intuition / Mysticism / Understanding

Mist the Brow Chakra Sound Essence and state:
I rely on my intuition!!
I am perfectly attuned to my vision.
I move towards my vision with clarity and insight.

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The characteristics of a balanced Brow Chakra are the use of mental power, connecting with the process of manifestation. The Brow Chakra enables you to connect with the energy of the world beyond your five senses. Experiencing intuition teaches you to go beyond the superficial appearances to find your deeper truths cultivating your resources of creativity and wisdom. Nothing is as it seems. Through the Brow Chakra we are able to open ourselves to universal creative energy, which allows us to direct ourselves towards fulfilling our life’s purpose.

Someone with a strong Brow Chakra is open to new information about their life’s purpose, and trusts their intuitive abilities. These people have developed a deep level of understanding, intuition, imagination, wisdom, understanding and enlightenment. Their ego and soul spirit are balanced. They are able to create their life and manifest their dreams in alignment with their highest good.

Note A physically supports the face, ears, eyes, sinus, and nervous system.

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