Brow Chakra Note Bb


Brow Chakra Mist semitone Bb – location – transitional point where the top of the head meets the etheric
Intuition / Mysticism / Understanding

Mist the Brow Chakra Semitone Sound Essence and state:
I am a divine spark!!
I can let go of anything that no longer serves me.
I trust that whatever comes to me is for my greatest joy and highest good.

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Bb supports the Brow Chakra. This vibration bridges the characteristics and attributes of the Brow Chakra “note A” which relates to inner direction and “note B” which relates to spiritual connection. The importance of this semitone is to prepare us for transition into the spiritual realm. Bb is the transition between the attachment to the physical identity and to the identification of the self as a divine spark. This transition point cannot be activated until the other vibrational frequencies of all the other chakras are aligned. When Bb is used in that crucial time, that time when all the other vibrations are in line, then the vibration is absolutely necessary to complete the transition to the next level of manifestation.

Someone with a balanced Brow Chakra Bb is connected with their higher self and moves through life with purpose. They are compassionate and have the gift of supporting others by their example.

Note Bb physically supports the nervous system.

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