Aura Joy


Aura Joy Aura Mist
Auric Field Energizer

Mist the Aura Joy Aura Sound Essence and state:
This too shall pass!
Life is but a dream.
I shine!

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Aura- Joy is infused with 12 notes, 12 colours, 17 gemstones, 5 platonic shapes, 7 ancient chakra symbols and an aromatherapy blend that is likened to the angels singing. While it balances the seven chakras, it invokes the sense of calm, peace and resoluteness which illuminates into the 7 auric field bands for harmony, spiritual illumination and unlimited potential.

Aura Joy provides a resonant field that is used to harmonize the auric field of the body as well as energy in a room or building.This Sound Essence blend is a welcomed blessing for any mishap, set back, misadventure or negative energy.

The lotus is a type of water lily which rises from the sludge of muddy waters and opens into a beautiful flower. The lotus flower symbol reminds us that our mistakes and challenges in life often fuel us towards brilliance and awaken us to a beautiful new life.

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