Archangel Raphael


Archangel Raphael
The Healer

Archangel Raphael Blessing Mist………………………….Healing/Self Love/Releasing

Mist the Sound Essence Archangel Raphael Blessing and state:

  •   I love every aspect of myself… I know who I am.
  • I experience health and peace every day.
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Archangel Raphael comes with love and compassion to heal your deepest wounds. Raphael said, “The Children of Light are sensitive, tender, empathic beings who often choose illness as the path of awakening.” Raphael heals our physical bodies, emotions, and mind through Divine Love. He activates a facet of the heart that makes Self Love possible! This energy centre receives waves of Love allowing you to feel how loved and treasured you are. Experiencing Divine Love, you learn to love yourself. Self-Love brings deep and profound healing so you may thrive. As you heal, Raphael calls you into service. Raphael said, “I am he who cures. God cures through me. You are my heart and hands in this world. Most of the Children of Light cannot yet see me or perceive my presence. So I turn to you, calling to my Children who walk the earth. Take my hand. Remember who you truly are. You have a unique calling and abilities. We have come to awaken your dormant healing abilities and sleeping heart. Are you ready?”

Invite Raphael to activate your Healers Heart and Hands, allowing your hands to become luminous tools for Raphael’s healing energy to flow through.

Archangel Raphael

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