Archangel Essences

Angel means “divine messenger”. They have been with us humans always, guiding and loving us. There are many different types of angels. Highly advanced beings, the Archangels come from all orders of angels, choosing to serve as interpreters between the Divine and humans. Think of them as middle management, directing the flow of wisdom and energy. Each one is magnificent and powerful beyond our imagining, yet they love and care for us with deep devotion and the tenderest touch. Each Archangel anchors a unique quality of the Divine into our manifested world. Angels are a global resource that we often overlook. Angels are standing by, waiting to assist us with everything imaginable. They bring guidance, comfort, wisdom, resources, love, synergistic meetings with other people who have what we need or want what we offer, everything! When we invite them to support us, mountains move and miracles happen!

Sound EssenceôArchangel Blessings are subtle energy remedies created by blending a specific meridian tone with a specific chakra tone devoted to each Archangel to initiate the activation of archangel energy for attuning to spiritual awareness and guidance. Sound Essence Archangel Blessings essences are charged with the information imprint of chosen crystals and gemstones, homeopathy, color, sacred geometry, ancient symbology, and positive word vibrations. Adding aroma completes the formulation.