Group Sound Meditation Sessions at The Oak Centre Dunboyne in County Meath


April 28th  was the date for my monthly Group Sound Meditation Sessions in the Oak Centre in Dunboyne. It was a beautiful sunny warm morning, which enticed many people to attend. The theme of the day was “A Time To Be Still”.  After everyone got settled and snuggled onto their yoga mats with a pillow and comfy blanket, I began to introduce some thoughts on stillness and then invited everyone to become aware of stillness and inner peace in their own body and mind.

This stillness is already within all of us.  We just have to give ourselves a chance to find it. We are so used to noise and being busy that we sometimes forget what stillness and silence are like. Our culture leads us to believe that actions and accomplishments are better than rest, that doing something, doing anything is better than doing nothing. We need to tell ourselves sometimes that it is okay to do nothing. Sometimes it is better for us to do nothing, to take a break, just “to be”.

The absence of stillness in our life, sometimes leads us to miss out on what makes life fruitful, joyful and happy. When our conscious awareness is drawn towards stillness it is easier to listen to our body and mind and see how we really are feeling. When everyone had stopped and become aware of stillness the room was very quiet.  I then began a meditation bringing everyone’s awareness to stillness in their heart and this was extended right through the whole body. The ambiance in the room was a beautiful warm sense of peace, calm and stillness. Some people had already dosed off into a quiet slumber.

Tibetan Sound Bowls Add Greatly To Each Meditation Session

To help to further the relaxation I began to play some gentle sounds using a selection of Tibetan Bowls. A Sound bath involves bathing the participants in beautiful sounds from crystal bowls, drums, shakers and other musical instruments. The music has no rhythm for the brain to connect with, but instead is played in such a way that entrains the mind out of thinking. When the brain is in this state, it enters a new more relaxed and meditative space which facilitates better healing in the body.

At the end of the session I left some time for everyone to just enjoy the space of total quietness and deep relaxation within their body. I then gently brought them back into the room and helped them to ground themselves and get ready to re-join their everyday life and chores.

The body can really benefit from a sound bath. In the first place it does not really matter if you find it difficult to meditate as the sounds will take you to a meditative state.  This can lead to a very deeply relaxing of the mind and body. It can improve sleep and help with concentration and focus. It can be very beneficial to people who suffer from anxiety and stress. Students doing exams, driving tests or at other stressful periods of life a sound bath may be just what you need. One lady that comes to my sound meditation told me that she has tried everything to relax and this is the only thing that has worked for her. She never misses a session.

So I invite you to take some still times during the day. You will find they help the hectic life fade away for a few moments. Just stop for a moment and breathe your way into stillness and let all the busyness fade away into the background. Nobody will even realise what you are doing. These times of stillness are very powerful. Just stop, focus your attention inward and centre yourself. You will find some more more information on sound meditation sessions and their benefits by clicking here

Join Us For A Group Sound Meditation Sessions in Dunboyne

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