Roisin Graham

Roisin Graham

My name is Roisin Graham and I am a Complementary Therapist.  I am a qualified Reflexologist, Kinesiologist, Sound Therapist and Reiki Master. Having been a working mother in a semi-state company for many years, I can identify with the stresses and strains that this can bring on relationships, career and maintaining a work/life balance.

 In the year 2000 I was doing very repetitive work which involved sitting at a computer for long periods of time.  This caused me much stress and also resulted in some discomfort in my neck and spine. I tried looking for something that would relieve the symptoms and I came across reflexology. Reflexology was so beneficial to me that I decided to study it myself.   I wanted to give other people the relaxation and pain relief that I had received from it.  My Reflexology tutor became one of the most inspirational people in my life. She was a mother, reflexologist, acupuncturist, nurse and a yoga teacher.  She instilled a great interest in me for chakras, meridians and a yearning to learn how the body works at a much deeper level.

 One of the most important things I realised was that physical discomfort usually manifests itself when there are unresolved emotional issues present. These should all be dealt with in tandem so that a holistic outcome can be achieved and the mind and body can be returned to homeostasis/balance.

 To further my want and need for more information, I undertook a course in Kinesiology. I went on to study Reiki and Metamorphic Technique. This all added to my knowledge and understanding that we are all made up of energy and we need to protect our energy against toxins, negativity and sometimes people who drain or suck the life force out of our body.

 Having studied Wellness Kinesiology under the guidance of Dr. Wayne Topping who specialises in Emotional Stress Release, I came to realise that I could encompass all of my therapies together to assist my clients in identifying areas in THEIR life that is holding THEM back. Things that might be keeping them stuck in a rut and stopping them from moving forward and attaining their goals.

 Kinesiology looks at where imbalances exist in the body.  It is a very holistic approach to health and well-being.  Not only can it be used to assist people who have various ailments but it also helps to prevent stresses and strains and this in turn keeps the mind and body in a healthy and balanced state. I have studied the various components of Kinesiology looking at the mind and body, taking in all aspects electrical, emotional, nutritional, and structural. I began to realise that I had neglected a huge part of the human body. That was the vibrational aspect.

 Most recently I have completed a Diploma in Sound Therapy and have now integrated this into my practice.  It has brought all of my work together and through this work I have found my true passion which is to encourage people to recognise what it is they really want from their life and to help them achieve it. The benefits of my work are that clients walk away de-stressed, motivated and with a clear vision and goals to move forward and to achieve THEIR life passions. It is a truly experiential journey that you start when you work with me.  Through intention setting, muscle testing and the powerful energy of the sound it is possible to tap into your energy and move you from where you are to where you want to be.

 If you think you may have something holding you back from achieving your full potential or if you are feeling a lack of joy, fear, anger, guilt or other emotional issues you would like to address in your life please contact me at 0861797934 or if you prefer you can email me by filling in the contact form located on this website and I will be in touch with you at the earliest convenience.


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